Silicone Food Lids |Food storage |Stretch Lids |Set of 6

Silicone Food Lids |Food storage |Stretch Lids |Set of 6


Ask yourself how much cling-film and plastic wrap you use over a year? Mrs Green has the perfect alternative.


These round silicone lids come in various sizes as a pack of 6 and fit over square and round containers, even over a watermelon, pumpkin or a big old salad bowl. Just choose the size closest to your bowl, dish, container or sliced fruit and stretch it over.

It's a simple step that will integrate seamlessly into your life.


    Material: silicone

    Diameter: 2.6" (will stretch to 3.5") , 3.8" (will stretch to 5") , 4.5" (will stretch to 6"), 5.7"(will stretch to 8"), 6.5" (will stretch to 9") , 8.3" (will stretch to 10")

    Quantity: 6 pcs
    Color: Transparent
    Heat resistance: -30℃~230℃
    Frost resistant: -104°F/-40°C

    Made from food-safe, sand-derived silicone (NO plastics)

    Heat safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe food covers
    Airtight, leak-proof seal
    Our silicone storage covers work even with hot food