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Give a Dog Cologne Fur Conditioning Mist

Give a Dog Cologne Fur Conditioning Mist



Sniffe&Likkit have specially formulated this dog cologne with a wonder-fur blend of natural aroma therapeutic essential oils, fur conditioning agents, and botanical ingredients to refresh fur fast.


Infused with essential oils & ingredients that have multiple benefits for your furry friend's coat. Including multi-vitamin complex to help promote healthy skin and hair, and white willow bark extract which is renowned for its antibacterial properties.  



An aromatic woody scents with top citrus notes of petitgrain blended together with fresh earthy green grass notes of vetiver and an infusion of camphoracous cedarwood. Finished with a few drops of Juniper wood to bring rich notes that create a wonderful woodland vibe.


Sniffe&Likkit's fragrances are carefully crafted using the finest grade of 100% natural essential oils that are renowned for their aroma therapeutic benefits, to create harmony for hounds and humans alike. 



Shake the bottle before use and then spray.

For the ultimate preen & gleam, just spray into fur coat and brush through with a comb for silky smooth bright fresh fur. Use as a finishing-spray for silky smooth bright fresh fragrant fur. 


Some dogs just like humans, have extra sensitive skin, and could develop allergies to some ingredients (even natural ones). We advise to do a little patch test on your dog before using on broader parts of their skin - ideally somewhere they can't scratch or lick, like the back of like the back of their leg. 


    • Woodland Wonderfur fragrance
    • Infused with essential oils
    • Fur conditioning agents 
    • Waft away woofy wiffs
    • PH Balanced for dogs skin
    • 100% recycled and recyclable packaging 

    Petitgrain, cedarwood bark, vetiver, juniper berry, ho leaf, multi-vitamin complex, quilaja bark soap, white willow bark extract, zea mays.

    Size 125ml 


    1-2 Business Days


    Returns Accepted

    Exceptions may apply

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