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Green Options For Valentine’s Day

With St Valentine’s Day approaching, there may be many ideas folk have for treating their loved ones to the most special night out. While the 2023 version is on a Tuesday and thus may be a less extravagant affair compared to some years, there is still much that can be done to make it memorable.

Of course, the traditional way of doing it is to have a romantic meal with a few trappings like a huge card, roses and gifts, but for those committed to being as environmentally-friendly as possible there are some exciting possibilities.

Indeed, one thing you could do for the lady in your life is get some eco health and beauty products, giving her not just something to help her look and feel great, but also get her feeling really good about making the evening a further contribution towards a greener world.

This is, of course, just the start of making Valentine’s Day greener. For example, if you are eating out, you can pick a vegetarian restaurant and why not make it one you can get to without driving, either by walking or using public transport (that also means you can both have a drink, of course).

Also, if you are giving flowers, why not buy some that are grown locally, reducing the carbon footprint of getting them from the pot or bed to the hands of your loved one.

In addition to all that, while the card and its message may be delightful and something to treasure, you can ultimately recycle it.

You could even try something different like making a meal at home from organic produce, making eco-friendly decorations or truly appreciating nature by spending some time outdoors, especially if you are free in the daytime.

Roses may be red, but that’s no reason for Valentine’s Day not to be green.

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