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Top Tips For Green Cleaning

Being more sustainable in your everyday life can be incredibly easy and may only require a few small changes to what you already do. This goes for eating, travelling and even cleaning! There are many ways to be more eco-friendly when cleaning in and around the house.

One small change you can make is to swap out all your single-use cleaning product containers and opt for reusable glass, metal or plastic options.

Single-use plastic is harmful to the planet and using alternatives is a really easy way to be more eco-conscious and make a difference that has little effect on your cleaning routine.

This can also help to save money in the long-run as buying refills for products can often be cheaper than buying the product with a new single-use plastic container.

You can also ditch buying refills altogether and opt for homemade cleaning products. Products such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide can be bought and mixed at home to create cost-effective, zero-waste cleaning products.

Switching to natural cleaning utensils is another great way to be mor sustainable. Bamboo scrubbing brushes, reusable cotton cloths and natural sponges are all much cleaner to use.

Plastic cleaning products such as sponges and brushes often degrade very quickly and many can’t be recycled which makes a huge contribution to household waste that ends up in landfill.

Using natural products means you can simply recycle or compost the material after use which is much better for the environment.

You can also repurpose other household materials to use for cleaning. Old clothing can be cut up and used as cleaning cloths and old toothbrushes make great scrubbers for getting into the small, tricky spots you can’t reach with a sponge. The more use you get form a product, the less of an impact it has overall which is much better for the earth.

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