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Easy Yet Vital Green New Year’s Resolutions To Adopt

We are knocking on the door of a new year, and with it comes the promise and potential to improve ourselves or do something we would not do otherwise.

Many people join gyms, pledge to learn musical instruments or give up some form of vice. Unfortunately, so many of these resolutions fail to last through January as that grand ambition cannot meld with people’s everyday realities.

However, whilst it can sometimes be hard to change ourselves, changing the world is far easier than you may think, and there are many small steps that each and every one of us can take that will make a tremendous difference.

Here are some easy new year’s resolutions that make a big difference.

Become A Part-Time Vegetarian

Many people do Veganuary, which is a 31-day challenge where people do not eat meat nor animal byproducts, getting their food from an ethical store, and it is an excellent way to make a big difference, even if it is just for a month.

However, if that seems overly intimidating, how about trying to be a part-time vegetarian? Start by having one meat-free day and use simple swaps to replace the meat in dishes with meat-free alternatives.

Soon, one day will easily become two, which becomes three. Before you know it, you have replaced meat in your diet without even noticing, and enjoy all kinds of health benefits in the process.

Don’t Buy New

Specifically, when it comes to clothes and textiles, buying pre-loved clothes or ones from sustainable producers can save you from the environmental issues of fast fashion.

Fast fashion, or buying lots of low-quality cheap clothes, is a false economy anyway, as high-quality clothes cost far less in the long run if they are chosen well and made to last by being well-looked after.

In other ways, buying second-hand saves used but still very useful items from being sent to landfill and contributing to an already huge environmental issue.

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