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Environmentally-friendly Games For The Summer Holidays

Schools are preparing to break up for the long summer holidays, which means parents need to put their thinking caps on to think of things to keep their kids busy over the six weeks. For some eco-friendly toys that will entertain your little ones, read on.

  • Making recycled models

The world of model making is never-ending and the best part is you can make pretty much anything you want out of recycled carboard. Get your children to use their imaginations by creating rockets out of toilet rolls, bird boxes out of milk cartons, Pyramids out of delivery packaging, lady birds, spiders or caterpillars out of egg cartons, or even a giant castle out of furniture boxes.

You could spend your entire summer making some fantastic models, so make sure you look at some ReCycleMe boxes for inspiration on what you can use for your next creation.

  • Wooden musical instruments

Encourage your little one to take up music or start a band by getting them some wooden, sustainable instruments. Very young children will love maracas, xylophones, and cassinettes, while older kids could develop their musical talent with a banjo, ukulele, guitar, recorder, or drum set.

These are great for the whole family to enjoy and will certainly keep them busy!

  • Plastic-free gardening sets

Encourage your kids to get their hands dirty in the garden with plastic-free gardening sets. They can learn how to dig out weeds, plant seeds and bulbs, water the flowers, and prune the bushes with their own watering can, fork, plant pots and trowel. They are also great for taking to the beach on a hot summer’s day.

For more environmentally toys, take a look at our UK eco store.

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