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How To Save Money On Fuel

It’s hard to escape the cost of living crisis, what with it hitting headlines on a daily basis… and also hitting our back pockets hard, all at the same time.

There’s a lot going on right now, so if you are feeling a little overwhelmed in the face of all this adversity, doing what you can to be proactive and take more control over the situation can be empowering - and the good news is that there’s a lot you can do in this regard.

Fuel prices in particular have been a big source of stress for many, although new RAC Fuel Watch data has just revealed that the average price of petrol fell by 0.5p to 162.75p a litre over the course of April… no doubt welcome news for drivers everywhere.

But it’s still important to try and be conservative with fuel and find ways to reduce consumption and save money.

Of course, the best way to save money on fuel is to drive less so, where possible, consider leaving the car in its parking spot and setting off for a walk or bike ride instead. Now the weather’s improving, it’s a great opportunity to get a bit more fresh air and increase your physical activity, as well.

But you can also save fuel (and money) by driving more efficiently when you do have to take the car out. Gradual acceleration, for example, can help you use less fuel, as can always driving in the highest gear possible. A fuel efficiency display could also be useful, so you can monitor how your driving impacts the amount of fuel used.

Making some changes to the car can also help fuel efficiency, such as by making sure the tyres are properly inflated at all times. Lower tyre pressure will increase drag, which means you’ll use more fuel.

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