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The New Three R’s

As September 20th to 26th is Recycle Week, we have been focusing on Why, What and How we should be recycling in our homes.

Recycle Week is Recycle Now’s flagship annual event which is a celebration of recycling across the nation. Now in its 18th year, it’s the one week of the year where retailers, brands, waste management companies, trade associations, governments and the media come together to achieve one goal: To galvanise the public into recycling more of the right things, more often.

As ladies of a certain age we remember the three Rs relating to Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but now in 2021 the new three Rs that everyone should be aware of are

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

We can all play our part by making it second nature to recycle.

Recycling helps protect the environment, reduces the need to extract raw materials from the earth through mining and forestry, therefore conserving the planet and protecting natural habitats.

We might all be consciously trying to recycle but are we doing this efficiently? The best way to ensure that all of your recycling goes in the correct place is to check on your local council website. When we checked ourselves, we were surprised that something as simple as a Pringles tube cannot be recycled and should go into your black bin, or that a drinking glass should not be placed in the caddy box that comes with your recycling bin.

Other options for recycling could be donating good quality items to charities, returning and replacing your supermarket ‘bags for life’ and for larger items using the household waste recycling centres in your local area.

Walkers, the crisps manufacturers have started a free crisp packet recycling scheme (as these cannot be put into our household recycling bins) at several sites across the UK.

For more information on this scheme visit:

In addition, if you are a coffee lover and use the pod variety in a coffee machine, some coffee providers are running schemes to help recycle the plastic coffee pods, Dolce Gusto and Nespresso to name a couple, provide free recycling bags, that once filled can be dropped off at any Collect+ locations.

There is an ingenious toy manufacturer, RecycleMe who have designed a fantastic range of toys, aimed at creating unique art projects at home, using everyday household rubbish like toilet roll middles, plastic bottles, tin cans and egg boxes, their ethos is, Reduce the waste you create, Reuse it and give it new life, Recycle and have fun with your family and friends. Some of the range is available at

This is the message this Recycle Week, from Recycle Now!!

Most of us are stepping it up to take climate change down, and recycling is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Take action – recycle more. Step It Up this #RecycleWeek. Visit

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