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Why Cork Is A Great Sustainable Material

It may sometimes seem like a world without plastics is just a pipe-dream, but in fact many of the alternative materials have been with us for a long time.

Cork is a great example of that. It has lots of common uses, most notably as a bottle stop, but also in everything from the interior of cricket balls through to notice boards. It can also be used in flooring, where its softness makes it a smart choice for older people who are less steady on their feet, as any fall will bring a softer landing.

The versatility of cork is just part of its appeal, however, It is both organic and extremely sustainable, which is why anyone who cares about the environment should use it wherever possible. That’s why we offer stylish vegan cork handbags.

While most kinds of wood is produced by cutting trees down, cork is different. It forms as the bark of the Cork Oak tree, commonly grown in countries like Spain and Portugal. It can be harvested by stripping this bark without harm to the tree. It’s like a haircut; it simply grows back again afterwards.

Not only is it renewable and sustainable in this way; cork oaks are great at storing carbon and provide shelter against the hot winds of the Iberian region, reducing soil erosion. Forests of cork trees are also noted for their biodiversity, not least through the many species that shelter or nest in the trees.

All this makes cork a green material as well as one with all sorts of qualities. Sadly, sometimes we see alternatives being used, such as plastic or metal bottle tops instead of cork. This led to the launch of a campaign to protect the industry in Portugal in the mid-2000s, fronted by the famous Portuguese football coach Jose Mourinho.

However, as it’s not just wine bottles that cork is useful for, it’s a great idea to seek out all sorts of other cork products and keep on supporting one of the most sustainable materials in the world.

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